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When we began the ITAP project we set out to make an implant that would revolutionise the quality of life for amputees. Our vision was to consign socket and stump technology to history. Now that vision has become reality with the ITAP implant. The ITAP is attached directly to the skeleton and penetrates out through the skin: an impermeable seal is formed at the skin implant interface. This seal is unique and critical because it prevents pathogens from the external environment entering the body and causing infection.

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The prosthetic limb is attached directly onto the ITAP implant distributing loads through the skeleton which has great benefits for bone quality and is a more natural solution than conventional sockets.

What are the key advantages to
the amputee?

  • No more pain and discomfort common to socket technology
  • Fast, easy, accurate and repeatable attachment of the prosthetic limb
  • Improved control of the prosthetic limb